»I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty.«  Miuccia Prada



The sentence above describes me best, my whole way of thinking and living my life. Beauty is something I would call an atom of my every thought and every move I do in everyday life. It is not merely connected to the universal and commercial beauty but just to keep things in the symmetry and healthy order. This is also the primary reason I started my blog, to capture my life from different sides.  My frame and style has been noticed oh so many times since my teen age and described as unique, interesting, eye popping and promising. When I accepted the fact that people are noticing my style in everyday life I decided to turn it into a profession, a business which is now growing bigger and bigger also in other parts of the world. While running this blog and associated projects, I combine my knowledge and experience of a graduate psychologist and a trained fashion stylist, and a year’s long participation in the fashion business as a model, stylist and designer.

I am running my enterprise Attitudebybsr to cover my international blogger and stylist activity together with the main business of HatsByBSR.


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