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Welcome by HatsByBSR

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Welcome to my long awaited true fairy-tale called World of HatsByBSR. It got well accepted by the followers of my blog where the looks with hats are loved the most. Accessories have always been my top priority in creating an outfit and hats have a long history of being the best possible decor. They give that certain edge, uniqueness, and just the right touch of a masculine strength.

The best selling products on this platform are turbans, which are now conquering the world. Literally! From Middle East to East coast of USA. Every single turban is handmade, made only from the finest fabrics and detailed to perfection. It can be ordered in all sorts of fabrics and shapes with all different ornaments to make it even more unique. It is absolutely my favorite item and it is rarely that you’ll see me without it.

Prices that are shown are final with all the taxes included. One thing that needs to be paid extra is the delivery cost which it depends on the country and type of delivery. The delivery costs will range from 5 euro for local delivery, 12 euro to EU zone countries, and 15 euro for the overseas delivery.